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Frequently asked questions:

  • Can I keep my existing trim (pelmets,cornice,end panels, etc) and just fit new kitchen doors and drawers? Yes of course, but it generally works better if your new doors/drawers are in contrasting colours to your existing kitchen (see our Before and After ‘Contrasts’). It’s hard to match new doors to existing colours.
  • Is it possible to replace the sliding drawers – they’re worn out? Yes, click here to see how.
  • I’m concerned that the front edges of the carcasses are in the wrong colour for the new doors? We frequently come across ‘wood’ edged cabinets when we remove wood coloured doors. If we’re doing a complete refit (pelmets, cornice, end panels,etc) in a new colour (for example cream) we often reface the cabinet edges with iron on edging tape. It’s available in rolls in a variety of colours to match the doors. Simply iron on at a low heat, then trim the edges with a craft knife or Stanley knife (it’s usually 22mm wide so it overlaps a 15mm or 18mm carcass edge).

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