Door Choices

How to Choose your Replacement Kitchen Doors

We have provided a number of how to videos and some step by step walk-throughs for you.

We hope these pages help you with you replacement kitchen door project.

The replacement of kitchen doors is a relatively simple task, just make sure you take your time with the measurements and check things like;

  • Are your measurements correct?
  • What are the hole sizes on the back of your doors?
  • Do you need these drilling for you?

Choosing your colour is easy from our links on the right hand side. You’ll also want to choose your replacement door style.

If you are unsure whether you can have a certain style with a certain colour, then please just complete the top part of our form and then use the ‘any additional’ box to check compatibility.

Although you can get a quote from our form, it is also there for you to request free colour samples or more information about sizes etc.

Please feel free to use the form for any questions, however silly you may think they are, regarding your new replacement kitchen doors.

We are here to help you.

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