Example Prices

Kitchen doors can be made in any size. However, these are the Standard Door and drawer sizes you’re likely to come across

  • Carcasses come in standard sizes. Base units (excluding the plinth) are usually 720mm high. Wall units are also 720mm high, as well as 600mm and 900mm. Widths are standardised – 300mm, 400mm, 500mm, etc. (occasionally 530mm)
  • It is normal to make the door/drawer slightly smaller than the unit it is going to fit on. For example, a carcass that is 720mm high and 500mm wide, would have a door 715mm high and 496mm wide. This allows for a small gap around the door, otherwise all the doors and drawers would be touching.
  • The standard heights that drawers are manufactured to: 115,140, 175, 210 and 283mm
  • The standard heights of doors: 455, 535, 570, 715, 897, 1245, 1500, 1735, 1965 and 2155mm
  • The standard widths for doors and drawers are: 296, 396, 496, and 596mm

Example of a typical kitchen door replacement order for a small kitchen:

Description Quantity Height mm Width mm
Door 4 715 496
Door 6 535 496
Drawer Front 6 175 496
End Panel 2 720 320
End Panel 1 900 600
Plinth 1 150 2400

The cost for a budget kitchen replacement order to the above specifications inc’ vat would be £390 depending in hole drilling and colour selection. All of our quotes are bespoke.

  • Delivery – £25 for delivery nationwide (please contact us for isolated locations, Scottish islands, etc). Free on orders over £250!!
  • Panels – The end panels can be made to specific e.g. instead of 900 x 600 base panel, we can make it 880mm x 570mm
  • We can make widths greater than 596mm for doors and drawers
  • T-Bar handles – We carry a huge range of handles to all different sizes. Please request a brochure.

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